Software Developers & Telephony Solution Experts
Web/Mobile/Cross-Platform Apps
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Custom software & telephony services.

Web & Desktop

Classic web & desktop applications is where we started–leveraging the powerful .NET Framework for business critical needs.

Mobile & Cross Platform

Beautiful mobile apps that run natively in every platform. Why native? One word: Speed.

Call Center Services

Fully customizable enterprise phone and call center solutions. Built on open source, our technology is proven over trillions of minutes of use.


Just a few projects we’ve worked on or put together showing off our divere skillset.

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Custom Software Design

MoveCaptain Media Storage

Custom Software Design

Nt-X VoIP Portal

ASP.NET MVC Custom Web App

OncAlert Portal

ASP.NET MVC Custom Web App

Twilio Calls Importer

ASP.NET Core Console Application

MoveCaptain Administration Portal

Custom Software Design


Software Developers and Telephony Solution Experts

  • April 2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our business and dream is born. Bootstrapping with our own capital, we saw it was time to quit our day jobs. The demand and opportunity were there and growing. We need execution.

  • July 2015

    The Data Center

    After long deliberation, we shifted from a purely consulting business into offering services (phone, dialer & custom software) to our customers all over the country.

  • August 2015

    Our First Office

    Nothing crazy or amazing–but it was ours. As a small business that has never taken outside funding, moving into our own location was a big step and one we did not take lightly. With room for 3, there was a little room to spare.

  • August 2016

    Phase Two Expansion

    As our brand and business expands, so do we. Increasing demands upon our infrastructure force us to deploy some upgrades to our data center. Right about the same time, NandoTech relocates to a newer, bigger office.

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Arron Mayers

VP // Technical Development

Fernando Rodriguez

President & CEO // Software Development

Sergio Caceres

Associate Git Engineer

The brains behind the operation.

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